What’s going on?

For the last two, maybe three years I’ve been thinking about creating an online space where I can blog and show off a bit of what interests me. Each time the thought of being a phony gripped me and I shelved the idea. That is until last night. Unfortunately http://estev.es/ (If you want to sell me this contact me) was already taken so I settled forĀ https://michaelesteves.co.za. I’m new around here so please comment and give me feedback, but be kind.

Those interests you spoke of?

As you probably gathered from the post title and image, I’m a software developer. I think it’s required by law that we “hello world” everything. I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t so I can only assume they’ve been taken. So being a software developer, one of my interests is code and everything that comes with that. I love to learn and I love that as a junior in my industry we get to talk to giants

Other things that might make an appearance here

  • Drones
  • Sports and outdoor adventures
  • Photography

Until next time