Removing xaml.cs with C# Source Generators

May 3, 2020By MichaelXamarin No Comments

When creating a Xamarin Forms solution with an MVVM framework such as Prism, the view’s backing xaml.cs files are boilerplate. Our application’s logic lives in our view models and ideally their should be no code in the view’s cs file. However if you try deleting them the world breaks and MSBuild has a tantrum. Enter … Read More

Hello World

Oct 24, 2017By MichaelGeneral No Comments

What’s going on? For the last two, maybe three years I’ve been thinking about creating an online space where I can blog and show off a bit of what interests me. Each time the thought of being a phony gripped me and I shelved the idea. That is until last night. Unfortunately (If you … Read More